Things to do in Disney Hotels

Hannah and Raf at California Grill brunch

I’m definitely guilty of wanting to spend every second that I’m in Disney World in the parks, but I also used to go on trips where we didn’t buy park passes for the whole day. (Now I’m an AP and I’m ready to take on the world) On these days, we got to figure out other ways to keep entertained, here are a few!


I’m definitely not the type to hurt animals for sport, and fishing in Disney is what you’d imagine. You put back every fish, and the guide that you go with makes sure that they’re put back properly and unharmed. It’s a really calm thing to try when it’s really early and the bays are empty of all other boats. It’s one of the only ways you can go out into Bay Lake that early!

Speed boats

At the monorail resorts, you can rent small boats for one or two, and speed around the lakes! Surely you’ve seen people on them. They’re an awesome way to get a different perspective of the property, and it’s also fun to get some wind in your hair and jump other boat’s wakes…which is not allowed so DON’T do it… 🙂


Everyone can use a pool break in Disney, especially during the summer. It sometimes feels like a missed opportunity to not visit the pool at your Disney resort. They’re huge and fun and often themed. And, if it’s cold out, just visit the hot tub instead!

Resort Hop

If you’re staying on property, it’s super easy and inexpensive to visit other resorts! This doesn’t just have to be monorail resorts. You can take a bus or Lyft all around the parks and visit hotels you’ve never visited, see their gift shop, and maybe try some food at their restaurants or snack stands! Not to mention, there’s a lot of photo ops!

Hannah Bouchard is the co-creator for Completely Magic.


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