My Time at Wilderness Lodge

Hannah Bouchard and Rafael Fernandez at the Wilderness Lodge pool

For Raf’s first Disney trip, we stayed at the Wilderness Lodge, and this was my first time staying there as well! I’d visited a few times, but definitely less than the monorail resorts because it is less convenient to get to. We often were just there for dining purposes, but I really got to explore more of the resort on this trip. Here’s some of the things I loved about it.

First, I loved our room. We actually had a larger suite because this was an extended family trip. It had two full bathrooms, a master bedroom and another bedroom with two double beds. The living room also had a pull-out couch. My favorite part of the room was the master bathroom. It had a huge sunken tub that was just made for a Basin bath bomb. Not to mention, there was also a long balcony overlooking the pool, and after rain, we saw a bunch of gophers running around below. Cute!

wilderness lodge suite bath tub

I also adore WL’s lobby. It’s definitely got the theming down, and the huge fireplace is stunning. WL has a solid gift shop, not quite at Contemporary level, but it’s large and has a lot of cute things to snag. I also love the small lake near the back! I remember being super excited for Raf to see the lobby for the first time, and he seemed into it!

Even if you’re not staying there, WL food is bomb. We dined at Whispering Canyon, which has a ton of great options for all diets. I love their plant-based platter and the dining experience is super fun as well! I won’t spoil, but the waitstaff is super interactive and funny. Roaring fork is the quick-service spot, which we went to for cupcakes and breakfast. It’s just as good as the others at deluxe resorts, and I love that it’s close to the pool if you want to take what you bought outside. I also have yet to experience Storybook Dining. This is unfortunate for the review’s purposes, but I think meeting the Evil Queen under any circumstances is super awesome. I’ve done a lot of staring at the desserts when I see photos online, and I also know that they have a cool plant-based chicken breast for non-meat eaters like me. I really hope to visit this summer! There is also Geyser Point which is a bar near the pool. I never ended up going, but it seems they have a lot of hidden gems in the food and drink department.

I really loved the pool. It’s a solid deluxe resort pool, and it’s large as you’d expect. There’s a big ol’ slide and a really nice hot tub that is beautiful at night. Wilderness Lodge in general is gorgeous at night!

One thing to keep in mind is that most of your traveling to other Bay Lake resorts and the Magic Kingdom is by boat. The adults in the family tended to pay up for a lyft or Minnie Van if they didn’t feel like waiting for a boat. Typically you won’t have to wait more than 15 minutes, but sometimes the weather can make this hard. It can also be a pain waiting if you’re trying to return to WL from MK, especially after big events like the fireworks. Many people will be lining up, and even though more boats will be out, the wait will be long and there’s really no seating on line.

That said, I feel that this is my only gripe. The resort is all around incredible, and would rank highly in my ranking of the monorail resorts if it was one of them. There is a lot to see and do, and it deserves its “deluxe” status.

Hannah Bouchard is the co-creator for Completely Magic.


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