Must-Do’s at the Epcot International Festival of the Arts

Hannah Bouchard and Rafael Fernandez in Epcot

Hi everyone! I post all the time about how much I adore the Epcot Festival of the Arts. As an artist myself, I appreciate seeing artists at work in performing, visual, fine and culinary arts. I could go on forever about the things you should do if you get the chance to visit, but here’s some of my must-do’s!

Paint on the Paint by Number Mural
In Epcot’s festival hub, you’ll find a big gridded wall where you can paint five squares in a massive paint by number! After you do your squares, you are given a free postcard with a photo of what the finished mural will be in case you don’t see it finished during your trip. They always come out amazing and are done entirely by Epcot guests! 

Hannah painting Epcot mural

Make a Snack Bucket List
I could name a bunch of snacks that you should definitely try. Unfortunately/fortunately they change up most options every year! I always make sure to get the rainbow palette cake from Sunshine Seasons in Epcot center. It’s peanut butter flavor and super delicious. All of the countries in world showcase have booths to try. Deconstructed Dish is one of me and my boyfriend’s favorites every year! 

Peanut butter cake from sunshine seasons

See some Performances
From full length Broadway performances so shorter “street shows,” there’s so many talented performers to see at IFOTA. I love seeing “serveur amusant” perform in France by doing an incredible balancing acrobatic routine. You can always find a times guide for the day to catch some!

Explore art & talk to artists
One of the most unique things about IFOTA is that not only can you see Disney fine art like paintings, sculpture and digital work, but you can meet the artists that did them! Sometimes they are even working on a piece at their booth and you can ask them about their craft or get them to sign a print if you choose to buy any! 

Buy some merch
I always think it’s fun to buy at least one exclusive piece of merchandise from special WDW events. I always feel like the IFOTA designs are so cute! They typically include Figment as our resident festival representative, and have a super cute color scheme! From ears, shirts, and magnets, you can find pretty much any collectible you like!

Hannah in Epcot

I hope this list helps you narrow down the must-do things at the Epcot arts festival, especially if you’re crunched on time! Thanks for reading!

Hannah Bouchard is the co-creator for Completely Magic.


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