Adventureland is Underrated

Tiki Room in Magic Kingdom

A while ago, I posted on the completelymagic Instagram asking our friends which land in Magic Kingdom was their favorite. We got a decent number of Fronteirland, and I would attribute this to the two mountains in one section. Fantasyland is also a big favorite for its theming and cute photo-factor. Liberty Square is also underrated, especially since it holds a solid number of food options and Haunted Mansion. I’d also argue that people love Tomorrowland despite its needing upgrades. While even big fans of Tomorrowland would be okay with a Stitch’s Great Escape demolition, the sheer craze over Peoplemover and Space Mountain, and the Tomorrowland soundtrack, is not to be underestimated. Some would consider Main Street its own section. I can see why, but I think this part gets enough love and deserves it. What I’d like to argue is that Adventureland does not get much love despite its many amazing factors.

Hannah Bouchard on Jungle Cruise

Let’s start with snacks. First of all, dole whip is obviously iconic. I personally don’t eat it often because I had a pineapple allergy and this always put me off of it, but those that love it also love the pineapple upside down cake exclusively from Aloha Isle. I am a massive fan of pretty much everything from Sunshine Tree Terrace. Second only to the Mickey Pretzel, citrus swirl is my favorite snack in WDW. I would gladly take a humid sweaty day in Florida if it meant I got to cool down with a swirl. I also love their newer additions like Redd’s Revenge and FOMOsa. 
​We then have the rides. This is not the first thing I thought of when coming up with this argument. Admittedly, I’m not a Jungle Cruise fanatic, but I do love the other classics in this section. You got tiki room, you got my childhood favorite Magic Carpets, and of course, pirates. These are all solid nostalgic rides that I feel are much more reasonable as faves than being an adult that is obsessed with Fantasyland dark rides. No hard feelings, but there’s no comparison between Pirates and Peter Pan.
To me, Adventureland is the place to be in summer months in WDW. You have spitting camels and spritzing totem poles. You have tropical music and beautiful green theming. Something about Adventureland feels more beautiful and less theme-park to me than the others. A lot of this is attributed to the ice cold orange soda feeling from that citrus swirl, but still.
All that said, I don’t need everyone to put Adventureland at #1. I’m also a huge Liberty Square fan because they have my favorite pretzel cart (YES they vary) but I find that Adventureland is still overlooked and I hope this changes that.

Hannah Bouchard is the co-creator for Completely Magic.


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