What is the Best Classic Disney World Snack?

Hannah Bouchard

Today I’d like to create a ranking of some of what I consider “classic” Disney snacks. This refers to snacks that are permanent and offered in multiple locations around WDW, rather than park or resort specific treats. I probably won’t remember them all, but I’ll try! I am choosing to keep Dole Whip out despite many people putting it at #1. I used to have allergic reactions to pineapple so I don’t really eat it, but also don’t want to give it a low ranking!

Turkey Leg
I’m a pescatarian, so I’ve never had one of these. But the smell alone makes me want to gag. I’m not one of those vegetarians that hates meat and the smell or feel, but these are just so large and barbaric that I hate the thought. Sorry!

I’ve heard most people say that Disneyland churros are superior. I haven’t been in years so I wouldn’t know! Not only are Disneyland churros fancy and topped with things most of the time, but it’s just more of a staple. Although other “warm” treats rank high on my list, I do understand how the mild weather of Anaheim makes for a better environment for a churro than sweltering Orlando. Regardless, I’m often underwhelmed and I usually skip them.

Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich
I truly only get these when they’re free at a ticketed event. They’re delicious and I’d take one any day at home, but they’re not anything out of the ordinary and there’s simply better options out there in Disney World.

Mickey Bar
Similar to the ice cream sandwich, I don’t typically go for these. however, they are more refreshing and cleaner than the sandwich, so it’s easier to swallow an entire bar in the Florida heat than it is to get chocolate all over you from eating a handheld ice cream sandwich.

For years I never got popcorn, but now I try to get some once a trip and it’s always really yummy. While the actual concept of popcorn is a typical theme park food, it’s always really fresh and tasty beyond regular popcorn you could buy anywhere. Bonus points for a cute popcorn bucket of course.

Hannah Bouchard with skyliner popcorn bucket

Mickey Waffle
The top three is where it gets tricky. Mickey waffles are incredible. The golden malt batter they use is simply fantastic and they somehow always manage to get the perfect fluffy to crunchy ratio. My most important Christmas list gift this year was the iron to make REAL Mickey waffles, and then we bought the golden malt batter on Amazon for too much money, but it was entirely worth it. They’re just spectacular and make every meal better. I wish we could get them at stands like we can with pretzels and popcorn in the parks. I’d probably just eat 5 of them with my hands.

Ohana breakfast

Mickey Pretzel
I simply adore Mickey Pretzels. Back in 2017 when Raf came with me for his first WDW visit, he told me he was going to get one and I was like, “Ew, it’s too hot for a warm snack.” But as a girlfriend I of course asked for a bite and was transformed. I got my own at the next stand we saw. They are far superior to any soft pretzel I’ve ever had, and I consider myself QUITE the fan. The cheese sauce is also so perfect I really wish it wasn’t societally frowned upon to eat it with a spoon. The snack is clean, satisfying, perfectly-salted, and always consistent. I have absolutely eaten multiple in one day.

Mickey pretzel and cinderella's castle

Citrus Swirl​ FLOAT
I adore Citrus Swirl. When that Florida summer is really kicking and you’re almost ready to give in and waste a precious hour of park time sitting inside a quick service restaurant just to resurrect yourself, Citrus swirl is there to make everything alright. My theory behind why this snack is perfect is because you take orange soda that has been in the fridge all day, and then add a whopping dollop of frozen OJ and soft serve in it, making it EVEN COLDER. It is so refreshing and second only to drinking water after chewing mint gum. Every time I get one I start to worry that I won’t finish it, and then 5 minutes later I laughhh.Thank you all so very much for reading. I hope you enjoy. Feel free to let me know if you agree or disagree!

Hannah Bouchard is the co-creator for Completely Magic.


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