Some of the Best Snacks I’ve had at Disney World


If you know anything about me, it’s that I’m a huge fan of snacks in Disney. I’d take a Mickey pretzel for breakfast any day of the week. I have done a list highlighting my favorite “classic” snacks that are available in all four parks, but there’s a number of snacks that I love that are exclusive to only one stand in all of Disney World. Some of these were also limited edition, but I’m hoping they come back eventually! I will exclude Festival or After Hours events though, because those are even harder to access!

Lunchbox Tart

Woody’s Lunchbox in Toy Story Land is a great spot for any meal, including snacks. I’m a huge fan of the raspberry lunchbox tart, which is always available. My true favorite is a blueberry lemon flavor that was limited edition, but the classic raspberry is also great. The other flavor is a chocolate one, but I don’t order it because it has bacon bits as a topping. In any case, this is one of my favorites because it can double as breakfast and doesn’t get messy in your hands as you explore my favorite land!

raspberry lunchbox tart
blueberry lemon lunchbox tart

Citrus Swirl Float

This is truly my favorite alongside Mickey Pretzel as my fave overall. It is a frozen orange juice/vanilla soft serve swirl served in a flute of orange soda. It is insanely refreshing because the soda is ice cold and the soft serve inside makes it even cooler. I always think it’ll be too much and I won’t finish it, and then a minute later I’m taking the last sip. This is found at Sunshine Tree Terrace in Adventureland in Magic Kingdom and it is a MUST TRY in my opinion!

citrus swirl float

Cheshire Cat Tail

This is found in Fantasyland right near the Mad Tea Party. It is a long croissant filled with chocolate and pink and purple icing drizzled to emulate the one and only Cheshire Cat! They also serve great cold brew coffee here in case you spent a late night in Animal Kingdom like I usually do. It always tastes really fresh and it’s a delicious tie between sweet and savory.

Cheshire Cat tail

2319 Cone

This was a limited edition treat, but it way truly one of the best. It was a soft serve cone with vanilla and mango ice cream, with an adorable sock shaped cookie to look like George Sanderson in Monsters Inc. I am a massive fan of all things mango, and this was no exception. It was super refreshing, and the cookie was unexpectedly fresh and delicious. In the July heat I had to eat it quick, but I probably would have done so anyway.

2319 ice cream cone

The Grey Stuff

Most of us recognize this treat from Beauty and the Beast. It’s available in Be Our Guest in Magic Kingdom. It has a light, cookies and cream flavor and has the texture of cool whip (because that’s basically the ingredient list.) I suggest trying to get into BOG JUST for the purpose of trying this dessert. It is also one of the desserts available in the trio at the restaurant for dinner.

American Dream

On a recent trip, I discovered this hidden gem at the American pavilion in Epcot. It is a layered slushy drink with strawberry and blue raspberry slushy with vanilla soft serve. I recommend having a reusable straw to substitute the paper one for this drink, but regardless, the flavors are all delicious!

Mango Pie

This is one of the best snacks or desserts you can have in Disney. It is available in a larger size inside the sit down restaurant Yak and Yeti in Animal Kingdom, but they also have a quick service location that offers a mini handheld version that is much easier to carry around and eat. Again, I’m a huge mango fan, but the texture of the pie is delicious and the crust is extremely fresh and flavorful. It is also refreshing considering it’s pie! Sorry for saying refreshing a lot, but it’s a must in Florida summer.

mango pie yak and yeti

Mr Kamal’s Fries

Another hidden gem are the seasoned fries at Mr. Kamal’s in Animal Kingdom. On their own these are delicious, but there’s also a number of dipping sauces available, including a saffron aioli that I adore. These are one of those snacks that make my stomach growl when I come across a photo of them!

Thank you, as always, for reading my thoughts on some great foods in Disney World. I hope we all get to have some soon!


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