My Four Fave Disney Breakfast Spots

Dessert at California Grill brunch
Hannah Bouchard at Topolino's Terrace

Disney is becoming increasingly known for its great food, but since breakfast food is some of my favorite, I have some strong opinions on where to go to get your Mickey Waffles. It’s also important for me to include ambiance or characters in the rankings because most on-property restaurants have a similar breakfast menu, or at least similar staples like waffles or eggs. Regardless, some are better than others!

Topolino’s Terrace

I was able to visit Topolino’s for the first time back in February. It is a character meal with Donald, Daisy, Mickey and Minnie. I found that the four actually interacted more than I’ve even seen. I loved the pastries to start, and the sour cream waffles were amazing. The restaurant also has a similar feel to the California Grill since it’s on one of the top floors of the Riviera. The characters’ artisan outfits are so adorable.


Rafael Fernandez at Ohana

Ohana is another character meal, and this one is at the Polynesian. You meet Lilo and Stitch, Mickey and Pluto. I love meeting these adorable friends, but even mores I love the food. The POG juice is of course amazing, and you get unlimited family-style waffles, eggs, real or plant based sausage or bacon. The fruit is delicious and fresh, and I LOVE their biscuits. The view of the Poly pool is like a tropical getaway. Ohana is incredible.

Chef Mickey’s

I have such a firm place in my heart for Chef Mickey’s. It’s in my favorite resort, the Contemporary, and it is a buffet-style character meal. Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto are here, so you get five characters! They also have a ton of options, and you can decorate your own Mickey waffles with ALL the toppings. My favorite thing is the cheesy potatoes here. I always find that I get a great waiter or waitress too. They always participate in the fun atmosphere of the breakfast spot.

California Grill

This is really brunch, but I really love the California Grill. It’s super fancy and upscale, and you have to access a private elevator to get there. They have Ala carte options as well as a buffet of sushi, breads, and more. Dessert is a plate of delicious macaroons and treats. The view is beautiful, and you can see all of Magic Kingdom from the top of the Contemporary!

Hannah Bouchard at Garden Grill

Garden Grill

My last favorite is Garden Grill. It is almost identical in food options to Ohana, which makes the food just as delicious. Here, you meet Mickey and Pluto and Chip and Dale. They’re all adorable and take great pics. The other perk is that you can quickly run to Soarin if your reservation is early enough!

Hannah Bouchard is the co-creator for Completely Magic.



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