My Favorite Table Service Restaurants in WDW


Hi everyone! I hope you’ve been able to get more info about resorts and rides in Disney World. One of my favorite aspects of Disney parks, especially WDW is the wide array of food available. You can have any craving, from classic amusement park snacks to 5 star dinners, satisfied. I have a handful of table service, aka sit-down restaurants, that I adore and recommend to anyone visiting. I also chose to not include character dining here, because I’d like to write a separate post on that in the future! If you’re planning a trip or would just like to imagine you’re there while we await the reopening of the world, I hope this list and accompanying photos help!

Yak and Yeti

Yak and Yeti has a sit-down and counter service option, and one of my favorite dishes, the mango pie, is available at both. Definitely try mango pie either way, but the entrees within the table service restaurant are delicious. I’m a bit plain so I got firecracker shrimp and some plain lo mein, but besides the Boathouse, it was the best firecracker shrimp I’ve ever had. (Boathouse is not on this list, but is a solid choice if you like seafood.) Anyways, the menu is Asian fusion and just delicious. It can get quite busy, because it is for sure the best lunch spot in Animal Kingdom. If the wait is too much and you never made a reservation, I BEG YOU, get the mini mango pie at the counter spot just next-door.

Yak and Yeti mango pie
Yak and Yeti firecracker shrimp
liberty tree tavern dinner plate

Liberty Tree Tavern

If you’d like to better understand my utter infatuation with Liberty Tree Tavern in Magic Kingdom, please check out my love letter to the restaurant here. To be brief, LTT for dinner has so many incredible options for all diets. It is quintessential comfort food, and if you thought a Thanksgiving style meal in the middle of a theme park is too much, you thought wrong.

California Grill

This is one of the more expensive options of the list, but equally worth visiting. For brunch or dinner, CG has a beautiful view of Magic Kingdom from the top of the Contemporary resort. I love the many brunch options that are both buffet and à la carte style. (You can read into this more when I praise its brunch on this list.) The dinner is also an incredible fine dining experience in Disney. My two favorite things are the perfect view of the Happily Ever After fireworks, and the lavender donuts with blueberry ice cream for dessert, which I pictured here!

Victoria and Albert’s

Of course the most upscale dining experience in Disney World had to make it here. I was ultra-fortunate to visit V&A’s in the Grand Floridian with Raf a few summers ago. The dinner is a fixed menu of 7-9 courses, or can be done within the kitchen at the “chef’s table.” We did 7 courses but were still very full after! We also specified our dietary restriction beforehand, which was that we ate seafood but not meat. We had crab, sole, tuna, and some I might be forgetting. We also had a cheese and chocolate tray, multiple breads and a chocolate dome for dessert. If you do get to go and decide not to have any alcohol, try some of their mocktails for an extra charge! They are delicious and SUPER cute. The experience is incredible. The waitstaff is extremely knowledgable of the menu and its origins, and clearly adore their work. Just remember formal wear like a suit jacket and nice shoes to dine here, and DEFINITELY have a dining reservation since there’s only about 20 per night.

Hannah Bouchard and Rafael Fernandez at Victoria and Albert's
 Victoria and Albert's crab salad

San Angel Inn

The Mexico pavilion in Epcot has numerous amazing dining options. The table service inside of the pavilion has an unreal atmosphere. You are truly transported, and you feel like you’re spending your night in Mexico under beautiful stars alongside a river. The queso fundido appetizer is delicious, as are all of the entree options. We also tried some of their desserts despite being super full, (thanks deluxe dining plan) and the caramel ice cream and chocolate mousse were delicious. I also remember having an incredible cast member as our waitress, who was responsible for NOT LEAVING WITHOUT DESSERT. We were grateful for the dessert once we scoffed it down, for sure!


nemo cupcake at narcoosees

Lastly, Narcoosee’s in Grand Floridian is an incredible surf-and-turf style restaurant. It is also a bit fancier, but without the required suit jacket of Victoria and Albert’s. They are famous for lobster and steak, and also have some killer scallops. Believe it or not, I also remember always liking the cheese platter that you can get either as an appetizer or dessert. Lastly, my favorite thing about Narcoosee’s is probably a surprise: the NEMO CUPCAKE. This is a secret menu item if you’re not 6 years old, because it’s only on the kid’s menu. You can still ask for it, and it is a huge, adorable cupcake with delicious frosting and a big white chocolate Nemo on top. Of course, you can also watch Happily Ever After from the windows or dock outside, and have a beautiful evening.

Thank you so much for reading about my favorite spots to eat and relax in WDW! I hope you get the chance to visit some.

Hannah Bouchard is the co-creator for Completely Magic.


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