I Love Liberty Tree Tavern

Liberty Tree tavern dinner plant-based

My dear Liberty Tree Tavern,
I remember one summer my family stumbled upon you. Our My Disney Experience had a void that only a fine Magic Kingdom lunch could fill. That’s when we took a chance and asked if we could step our unworthy feet into your dining room. By the grace of Mickey, the Bouchard family was called to be seated. An incredible soiree commenced full of sweet corn fritters and fish and chips. We were all immediately in love, and that is where our love story began.
I knew I had to return to you on my next trip to the Kingdom. This time, with our advanced dining reservation in hand, we were called once again to experience your incredible menu. To my surprise, everything was changed. My beloved corn fritters were gone, as were all of the ala carte options I once experienced at lunch. Dinner, I was told, was different.
I was shocked and upset. My favorite appetizer on earth was nowhere to be found and in its place was a family style dinner full of meats that my pescetarian self could not enjoy. While I knew you wouldn’t let me down when it came to carbs and starches as sides, my heart ached. All of a sudden, I was informed that you had a fabulous gift of a “revolutionary meatloaf” that had no meat but all of the love and passion of the real thing. The lords of Liberty Tree would not let me down.
The experience began, and as I gave myself a brain freeze with my red white and blue slushy, I scoffed down mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, faux meatloaf, green beans and cornbread. Life was beautiful. This was an all you can eat dinner, and did I ever. After asking for a plate of four meatloafs, you gave me that. After asking for an extra large plate of mashed potatoes, I mashed. I have never loved any place as much as I love you, and I’ve seen the Colosseum. 
Thank you for all that you do for us comfort food loving individuals. I cannot express in words how often I think of the meatloaf.


Hannah Bouchard is the co-creator for Completely Magic.



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