Tips for Going to Disney World from an “Influencer”

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If you’ve ever used social media, you’ve definitely seen photos of people vacationing. Maybe they’re family members, maybe they’re your friends, but travel influencers are all over social media platforms nowadays. One subsection of this is the Disney Instagram world, where Disney superfans post images and lifestyle posts that surround the magic of Disney. For any Disney Instagram owner, getting the best possible images in a Disney park is a huge priority. I just came to my first year anniversary as the owner of a Disney-centered Instagram page, and I’ve already learned so much from both being an admin and a follower of other Disney influencers.

That said, I’d love to share some tips with you on making your trip to Disney World both fun AND Instagram ready!

Plan out outfits beforehand

It’s always a good idea to plan out outfits for each day of your trip, even when you’re heading to a non-Disney vacation! If you’re planning on dressing for comfort, go right ahead! I certainly wear reasonable shoes and in the Florida heat, clothing that won’t make me too sweaty. (Although I don’t think I’ve ever been in Disney without sweat dripping off me somewhere.) Despite keeping comfort in mind, I try to curate outfits that fit the park themes and/or specific spots that I want to take photos in (e.g. a purple outfit for the purple wall.)

On my last trip to Disney World, I actually sketched out my outfits beforehand! I’m an artist (and insane) so this was fun for me, but making a shorthand list can be just as helpful. I typically include a top and bottoms or a dress, a pair of ears or a headband, socks and shoes. I also avoid packing too many shoes and go for shoes that are comfortable and match most outfits. I usually bring flats that I like and a pair of sneakers in different and muted colors. If you really want to go all in, bring earrings and a bag to match every outfit too. That way the person checking baggage at the airport can truly see your twisted mind in its full light.

Know some solid photo spots

One of the biggest perks of going to Disney often is learning hidden spots that are very photogenic. Castle photos are forever great, but having pictures in secret areas is impressive, too.

Here’s some secret spots that I love: sitting on the fountain in the France pavilion, there’s some faux suitcases sitting around a street sign in front of Reel Vogue in Hollywood Studios, on the carousel or riding Dumbo, (you’re never too old!) any pretty wall in Harambe Market in Animal Kingdom, while riding the Kilimanjaro Safari, on the monorail or skyliner! Truthfully, any spot that you come across that is fairly colorful and aesthetically pleasing (AKA all of Animal Kingdom) is worth doing a quick pose in.

Random Harambe Market wall

Take lots of pictures, you never know what will stand out!

Many Disney Influencers focus on taking pictures of themselves in the parks, but it’s also worthwhile to take photos of food, snacks, and park icons like the castle or tree of life by themselves. They are great canvases for experimenting with photo editing and content. You can also use extra images for stories or backgrounds too!

Waiting on line for Splash!

Know the editing secrets

I’m no pro photographer, but I’ve practiced photo editing a LOT! Two apps I highly recommend are Lightroom Mobile and Picsart. My photos are still taken on my iPhone 11, but if you can use a camera, that’s great as well!

You can use Lightroom to adjust all aspects of your photos. Many influencers use a certain preset in order to spruce up their pictures and give their Instagram feed a sense of consistency where color and brightness are concerned. I created my own preset, but you can also find many of them online for free or for a price. Some pages also change their preset as time goes on too!

Picsart is an awesome tool, especially for making your pics a little extra magical. They have brushes for sparkles, rainbows, stars, confetti, etc. You can also change their size and capacity to make them more or less subtle. I also love their retouching tools for sharpening certain areas of my face or for touching up my hair color (unfortunately my roots don’t grow magenta)

Raw image from iPhone 11 pro max
Image after editing with Lightroom and Picsart

Take videos!

With TikTok and Instagram reels on the rise, having video footage is always a good idea. A simple walking video, some parade footage, or even dancing if you’re bold will definitely come in handy. It’s easy to compile park videos with some fitting music and the benefits can’t be understated! I’ve found great levels of engagement from videos so far! I usually just edit my videos within the Tiktok app, save them, and then use a website to remove my Tiktok watermark. (Apparently Instagram hurts your reel’s engagement if it sees a Tiktok watermark on it, thanks so much bae)

Join this awesome Facebook group 😉

Not to self promote, but I really think joining this Disneygram Facebook group that I run is super helpful for planning content and ideas! Not to mention our members are amazing when it comes to following and supporting each other on Instagram and other social media platforms. It’s been an awesome resource and we already have 300 members! The group can be found here!

I hope you found some hopeful tips for your next Disney vacation, whenever that may be! Thank you for reading.


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