The Completely Magic Store is now open!

Hannah Bouchard with completely magic store designs

I’m so happy to share my newest adventure, which is an online apparel store featuring my own, hand-painted designs.

The Completely Magic store was inspired by my love for both art and magic. I paint each design using mixtures of only five colors of gouache, then I transfer these onto the apparel. To start, we’ve created a collection of eleven designs, all inspired by princesses, their princes, and friends. The shop will become home to numerous collections and merchandise pieces.

I, myself, am a painter, and I am studying art in a masters program. I’ve been putting my understanding of composition and color theory to work, as well as my work outside of school that has included writing this blog. Combining the two has been very inspiring, and I’m so grateful to everyone who has supported the vision thus far.

Below are some photos of my affiliates who have modeled the pieces beautifully! My friends all posted these on their Instagram and you can find them in my tagged photos! Please be sure to check out the store and stay tuned for more work on the shop!

Click here to visit the store or click the “shop” tab on this site!


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