Ranking the Disney Color Collections

hannah with ears

In the past few years, Disney has been releasing color collections, where their classic merchandise (spirit jerseys, Loungefly backpacks, ears, etc.) are made in a monochromatic line. They also typically bring this color into food and drinks around the park, and create massive displays in each merchandise location in the parks. That said, not all color collections are created equal. I’m a color snob and I have my preferences, and today I’d like to rank them from least favorite to my number 1!

Belle Bronze

Belle is my favorite classic princess. When I think of her, rich golden yellow and rose red come to mind. To my dismay, her color dedication was brown. Sure they called it “bronze” but it was really just brown with sequins. I liked the attempt to make a neutral color collection, but an interesting beige or champagne would have worked, and let’s not associate it with QUEEN Belle please?

belle bronze collection
Belle Bronze collection (Photo from Disney Parks Blog)

Briar Rose Gold

This may be confusing to some, but the rose gold collection and the briar rose gold collection are not the same. In my opinion, not even close. Briar rose gold is a duller, less pink version. My biggest issue with briar rose gold is the ears from the collection. Rather than being a full sequin beauty like its color friends, it is a gritty glitter texture as pictured. It was basically a less interesting regurgitation of rose gold, which can stand on its own.

briar rose gold Minnie ears
Briar Rose gold ears (Photo from shopDisney)

Imagination Pink

ANOTHER pink collection. Personally, this just didn’t match things as well as some of my favorites, and it was too bright without being unique. Hot pink is one thing, but this was more of a magenta. It was also annoying to me that they often made designs with this color with white, which made it look cheap and tacky on first glance. Then you realize it’s a piece of Disney merch and you realize it is far from cheap, if you catch my drift.

imagination pink collection
Imagination Pink collection (Photo from Disney Food Blog)

Dapper Yellow

I actually like a bright yellow, and think we could all use some yellow in our wardrobe. That said, Disney failed to promote this color. It came and went and didn’t get its full life in the parks. I really only saw it on some clothing, but no ears and no treats. BRING IT BACK COWARDS.

dapper yellow collection
Dpper Yellow collection (Photo from Disney Food Blog)


This one didn’t officially have a cute name; some people referred to it as Ariel coral. While this had the potential to suffer the fate of imagination pink, this one was a bit more unique and wasn’t paired with white on merchandise. The coral was bright but in a pretty, pop of color way. I could’ve used more coral cupcakes, but still.

Hannah bouchard coral Minnie ears
Yours truly wearing coral ears

Millennial Pink

Despite its funny name, this color was cute and was adopted in numerous ways throughout Disney park merch and food. It was neutral enough but also unique, and could really be incorporated into any outfit. I was in the parks when this was the big one, and I wasn’t totally annoyed seeing it 40 times a day.

millennial pink cupcakes
Millennial Pink cupcakes at the Contempo Cafe

Potion Purple

Besides rose gold, this was one of the OGs. It was all over the place, and seemed to come about just as Disney was acknowledging people’s obsession with the purple wall. They capitalized on people’s desire to match the wall, and also offered a few treat options for you to pose with as well.

potion purple Minnie ears
Potion Purple ears (Photo from Disney Parks Blog)

Magic Mirror Metallic

This name is super cute. Also, this collection leaned holographic in a lot of its merchandise. It yielded one of my favorite pairs of ears, because holo matches everything. Magic Mirror Metallic was a silver iridescent collection that didn’t find its way into a ton of food but was covering merch. I think it was a much needed addition to the color collections, and I wouldn’t be mad if everything came in a magic mirror metallic version.

Hannah bouchard magic mirror metallic Minnie ears
Sporting the Magic Mirror Metallic ears

Arendelle Aqua

This was a toss up for me between first and second place. I was in the parks during the Arendelle Aqua takeover, and emphasis on TAKEOVER. I wasn’t there for my number one, so I’m trying to ignore my bias. Anyways, this “aqua” which was really more of a light blue was beautiful. It covered a bunch of merchandise and food. They had lemonade, cupcakes, ice cream, everything. This is what I want from every color collection. Unfortunately, only the top few of this list managed to do this, but aqua really showed us how its done. Not to mention the name is perfect. Alliteration, cute, and it makes sense with Frozen 2 which was all the rage at the time.

arendelle aqua cone
Arendelle Aqua cone
arendelle aqua cupcake
Arendelle Aqua cupcake

Rose Gold

In my memory, this was the first color collection, and it’s still the best. It is simply a perfect color for the purpose of these color collections. Cover merchandise and treats, and make it so that you can’t walk around Disney or go on Disney Instagram without seeing it. Rose gold ears were everywhere, and still are. They even match Cinderella’s castle now. I made a point of buying THESE color ears online despite seeing briar rose gold everywhere on my last trip. The sequins worked so beautifully with this shade. It’s truly the GOAT.

Hannah bouchard rose gold Minnie ears
Yours truly wearing rose gold ears

There’s my ranking! Do you agree? Thank you disneyfoodblog.com and disneyparks.disney.go.com for some photos I needed!

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